Technical Editing

Disclosure: I currently work as a contract editor for Edanz. As such, I cannot provide editing services to clients located outside of North America. Thank you for understanding.

Editing Services
I can provide both technical editing (grammar, style, clarity) and “consulting” editing (ideas, project flow) services.  All fees are calculated up-front, so you receive a quote from me prior to accepting my services.  Payments are easy – just use PayPal!  Pages are calculated as 1 page = 1000 words.  All editing jobs are completed within 14 days of the date I receive the file.  Need it sooner?  Ask to have your document classified as a Rush job!  I offer discounts to students – verification of student status is required (part-time or full-time is ok).

Service Descriptions
Basic Edit
This is my most basic package.  I will edit your document for grammar, style, and clarity.  If you provide a “target journal,” I will check to see that your document fits the journal requirements and format.
Deluxe Edit
This includes *two* edits of your document – the initial edit for grammar, style, and clarity, and then a re-edit of your document after you make changes and corrections.  This package also includes an optional video chat where we can discuss my comments point-by-point and work together to make your voice shine while maintaining proper style and clarity.
Consulting Edit
I am a trained scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, and I can offer suggestions for improving the logic and flow of your document.  I am by no means a substitute for a reviewer, but often an outside eye can spot “problem areas” that can be corrected before your paper or grant ever sees the review stage!  This service also includes editing for grammar, style, and clarity.
Deluxe Consulting Edit
Again, this includes editing of two versions of your document (before and after you see my initial comments), as well as the video chat option.  It also includes all the features of the basic and consulting editing services.

Editing Fees

Choose Your Service Standard Rush* Student**
Basic Edit $7.00/page +15% -10%
Deluxe Edit $8.00/page +20% -10%
Consulting Edit $8.00/page +15% -10%
Deluxe Consulting Edit $10.00/page +20% -10%

*Rush jobs will be completed in less than 14 days; standard turnaround time is 14 days

**Will require documentation of student status; both full-time and part-time students qualify for this discount

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