Tuesday Top Ten – March 4th, 2014

Readers, I apologize. I neglected to publish this post Tuesday! I hope you’ll forgive and forget, and enjoy the links below.

Tuesday Top Ten

10. This 107-year-old woman got fired from a summer job in 1924, learning several years later that this potentially saved her health and her life. Via The Courant.

9. A ranked list of America’s “Top 99 Problems.” This should be good.

8. Ever seen a bicycle-tricycle hybrid? Science NOW investigates this odd contraption.

7. As if you needed another reason to drop cable: your cable box may also be driving up your electricity bill! Read more at The Last Word on Nothing.

6. A new insight into the growth of pancreatic cancer, gleaned from studying tumor cells’ metabolism, just might be its undoing. The New Scientist reports.

5. An interesting app for recording phone conversations! Tape A Call – reviewed by The Science Writers’ Handbook Blog.

4. Send your kids to summer “Disease Detective” camp with the CDC! Sounds more fun than the engineering camp I went to as a young girl…

3. Two new controversial nutrition studies suggest that cutting protein intake may be the key to living a long and healthy life. Via Science NOW.

2. I had an article published this week! I looked into the scientific side of Seasonal Affective Disorder for ASBMB Today.

1. An interesting piece in the New York Times on Tilapia, the “perfect farmed fish.”


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