Tuesday Top Ten – March 25th, 2014

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation (I sure did) and are ready for more links! Have suggestions for Tuesday Top Ten? Let me know.

Tuesday Top Ten

10. As a knitter, I have definitely been tempted by the call for penguin sweaters. However, the rescue agency has all the sweaters they need, despite continued passing of the link around the internet. Via The Last Word on Nothing.

9. Facebook is making good on their threat to decrease traffic to business pages. Make sure to change the settings on the pages you like! Via TIME.

8. Could improv classes help you be a better communicator? Stony Brook University is teaching scientists how to use improv skills to better their abilities to give a research presentation.

7. Back-to-back colds are likely caused by two different strains of the virus, says The Wall Street Journal.

6. This one caught my eye, as remipedes are native to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I didn’t see any while I was there, but then again, I didn’t dive in any caves.

5. The FIFA World Cup is having trouble with their plan to test for performance enhancing drugs this summer, and this article from The Wall Street Journal lays out some of the major problems they are facing.

4. Nature Jobs Blog talks about “selling” science – what do you think?

3. Next time you see a flock of pigeons, check out their coloring. There may be more dark pigeons because they have an evolutionary advantage, says Science NOW.

2. Did you celebrate Pi day? My workplace had a Pi Day Pie Party!

1. Finally, a great tongue-in-cheek humor piece from The Science Writers’ Handbook about “email fails” and how to avoid them.


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