Tuesday Top Ten – April 1st, 2014

I realize that this week’s post falls on April Fool’s Day, but I promise, no trickery here! Just some good reading. Have suggestions for Tuesday Top Ten? Let me know.

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Not cool, SELF Magazine. There’s a lesson in here somewhere about working with the press, but the press should also be upfront about their intentions. Via NBC Chicago. (FYI there is a video news clip that plays as well when you click the link)

9. Investigative journalists, watch out! Some tips on how to navigate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, from Neiman Journalism Lab.

8. Another news clip for you (from CNN), along with some great advice: simply by switching the font on official documents, the U.S. Government could save $476 MILLION, annually. Who’s giving out this advice? A 14-year-old aspiring researcher!

7. Did you hear this week that the word “Yooper” was added to the dictionary? The Guardian has a list of 8 other words that infiltrated the lexicon over time, and some of them will surprise you!

6. Speaking of the word “Yooper,” for the uninitiated, this article on MyNorth.com will help explain the what, how, and why behind it’s addition to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. For those of you who are familiar with “The UP,” definitely click for the pasty cartoon 😉

5. Ohmygosh adorable! Did you know The Washington Post has an annual “Peeps Show” contest? Entrants create and submit photos of dioramas made with Peeps marshmallow candies.

4. I enjoy hoppy beers, so I was intrigued by this MedCity News article about a new drug to treat type-II diabetes derived from the traditional beer-flavoring agent.

3. I was not aware of this, but apparently you can be detained or imprisoned if you contract tuberculosis and refuse treatment. Yikes. The Last Word on Nothing discusses the details.

2. For every scientist who has tried (fruitlessly) to repeat another group’s published results, this will hit home. ResearchGate is the forum for “live-blogging” (sort-of) your attempts to replicate studies. One scientist has brought a lot of attention to a new way to generate stem cells through ResearchGate. Via Science Insider.

1. People of European descent process and store certain types of fats, and new research shows this ability came from the Neandertals. Via Science NOW.


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